Puts Rust To Rest

Field Tests & Experiences


Two sea buoys have been floating in the  Atlantic Ocean for 4  years  (very  corrosive environment). A mild steel  buoy treated with  ZINGA (yellow buoy) was compared to a buoy that  was galvanised by the traditional hot-dip procress (green  buoy).  The  two  buoys had received the  same type  of  topcoats with  the  same layer  thickness, with  a supplementary adhesion coating  for the  hot-dipped buoy

Results: ZINGA shows no trace of  rust. Hot-dip is severely corroded in several  places.

Conclusion : Zinganisation is much more effective than  the  hot-dip process.

The testimonial letter  from "La Direction Departementale de I'Equipement, Service  Maritime" (France) can be obtained upon request.


The Kalvoya bridge situated in Baerum, Norway, was completely treated with ZINGA in 1985. On the steel carrying cables, ZINGA was applied by painting gloves between the cable-strands. The whole structure had a coating of 120 µm applied (controlled by the bureau Det Norske Veritas).
The only maintenance that was n cessary after 10 years was minor repairs due to mechanical damage from accidents. Only 5 kg of ZINGA was needed for the total repair of the bridge. This proves the long-term protective properties of ZINGA. It was not even necessary to blast the surface,which considerably reduced the cost of surface preparation. Using ZINGA is saving on maintenance.


Independent laboratory tests on ZINGA have been conducted at the University of Ghent (Belgium), B.N.F. Fulmer Material Technology Oxfordshire (U.K.) as part of the B.B.A. programme (British Board of Agrement), F.M.P.A. (Forschungs- und Materialsprufungsanstalt, Germany), Laboratorio General de Ensayos y de Investigaciones Barcelona (Spain), P.S.B. (Productivity and Standards Board, Singapore), S.A.B.S. (South African Bureau of Standards), COT bv (testing lab according to ISO 12944) and many others. Full details are available on request.

Field tests have demonstrated that ZINGA outperforms any, other zinc coating in different aggres ive circu stances all over the world : U.S. A'r my, Val Reefs goldmines (South Africa), Service Maniti"me Departement de Ia Vendee (France).

A dry Jayer of !ZINGA is non-toxic as tested with potable water following the W.R.C. tests of effect on water quality (B.S. 6920). ZINGA has a zero surface spread of flame according to B.S. (fire retardant class Al).