Puts Rust To Rest

Technical Information


ZINGA is used as a primer  and/or  finishing  coating as protection against  corrosion  of metallic structures. Itis also used for maintaining and repairing galvanised, zinc-sprayed or
zinganised structures.


ZINGA is  a  one-pack  compound containing  96 %  of electrolytic zinc dust (pure to 99.995 %). The coating also contains synthetic resins, pigments and solvents. The composition of ZINGA cannot be compared to zinc rich  paints or other  one-pack products.  The purity  of the  used zinc is such that  ZINGA  contains no lead or cadmium, nor does it contain toluene, xylene, benzene, methylene chloride, nor methyl-ethyl-ketone  (M.E.K.). After application ZINGA  cures  to  a dry   layer, containing a minimum of 96 %  zinc.

Preparation of the surface

- New smooth  surface : Sandblasting  Sa 2.5  is necessary to  take  away mill  scale and to  obtain  a roughness degree Ra 12.5µm Rz 50-70µm .
- Old, galvanised or  rusty  surface  : Remove loose particles and degrease (steam, degreaser...).
- Painted  surface   :  Remove paint  by  sand or  grit­ blasting, high-pressure water jetting or any chemical pickling process.

In short  : The surface  must be free from  mill scale, oil, paint and grease. ZINGA  can be applied on damp surfaces  in moist  conditions.  A little rust  does not prevent  the use of ZINGA.


ZINGA is not hazardous according to European standards.  The  manufacturer   recommends that   the usual safety precautions for paint work should be taken.

Drying Time

ZINGA is touch-dry and dust-free in about 10 minutes, depending  on  the   atmospheric   conditions   and  the drying    process.   It is   mechanically   cured   after approximately 48 hours. ZINGA continues to harden further when exposed to  humidity and indirect sunshine (ultra violet rays).
ZINGA is a coating that  is best applied in two layers. A new coating of ZINGA can be applied after one hour. In a duplex system, topcoats can be applied after 6 to 24 hours (depending on the drying process).