Puts Rust To Rest

Exceptional Coating

ZINGA  provides a cathodic protection in different applications

• New and existing  structures that have not been galvanised (such as electrical pylons, tubes, pipes, tanks, silos, cornices, bodywork, gates, heating  installations, containers, metal frame works, masts, etc.) receive   a  long  term    protection by application  of ZINGA in the workshop or on site.
• Weathered   or  damaged hot-dipped,  metallised/coated  by  zinc spraying (arc or flame) or zinganised structures (e.g. motorway barriers, conveyer belts,  power pylons, sheet  iron work, etc.)  can now benefit from  a new cathodic  protection thanks  to  the  very easy technique  of  re-coating   with  ZINGA   on site,   without   the necessity of dismantling them.
• Fragile structures that  would be distorted by the  high tempera­ tures during hot-dipping, can now benefit from cathodic protection with ZINGA without  danger for  distortion.
• ZINGA   is  ideal  to  touch-up  damages caused  by  welding,  cuts, drilling, riveting, transport, etc.

Other coatings available:

Aquazinga is a two component zinc coating, based on water, especially manufactured for high temperatures (up to 600 °C) and highly resistant against abrasion.
In order to reinforce the duplex qualities of the ZINGA system we can supply you with different compatible paints : epo xy, polyurethane, vinyl and especially developed micaceous iron oxides (M.I.O.'s). These paints can be applied directly on ZINGA.
Lifetime duplex system (active + passive) = 21/z x (ZINGA + paint)