Puts Rust To Rest

Benefits of Zinga

  • ZINGA is safe and easy to use. It is a one-pack zinc coating system  that  can be applied by spraying, by brush/roll or by immersion. ZINGA is also available in spray cans.
  • ZINGA can be applied in a workshop, but it can also be applied on site  ; metal structures do not have to be dismantled  before treatment (this  is necessary with hot-dip  galvanising).
  • You  can  use  ZINGA   to   recoat   existing  hot-dip galvanising in order to renew the cathodic protection.
  • It is not  always necessary  to  grit-blast surfaces. ZINGA can be applied on mildly rusty  surfaces after they have been degreased. Loose rust  and rust  dust have to be removed.
  • Existing  coatings  of  ZINGA  can be covered  with  a new ZINGA  layer :  the  old layer  will reliquidise  and fuse   together  to   one  single  ZINGA   layer   (see pictures  below).

  • ZINGA    is  an excellent   primer   when a topcoat  is required.  A duplex system will multiply the sum of lifetimes of all layers with a factor of 1.5 to 2.5.
  • ZINGA  forms  a barrier with  a high  resistance  to mechanical abrasion mainly due to  its  flexibility ("squash-effect").
  • Adhesion tests  have demonstrated  that  ZINGA   has an excellent  adhesion (mechanical and chemical) on steel. Even where it has been damaged by abrasion, ZINGA  does not peel off , nor will it allow creeping rust.


Each new coating of ZINGA blends perfectly with the previous  one. Additional  layers  will  all  blend to  one single ZINGA layer.  Touching up can be done at  any time  at  a minimal cost.  An old ZINGA layer  does not need to be removed before re-coating  with ZINGA.